May 28, 2020

Thank You! Business Headshot Giveaway

Thank you!

Drawing will be held Friday June 19th. If you are the winner we will be contacting you via email.



From start to finish, we will work with you every step of the way of turning your story into a compelling video that stands out from the rest.  Here are some examples of our work as well as a few of the clients we serve.  For more, we are always posting videos on our blog.

Candy Video While On Lockdown

After a few weeks of lockdown we couldn’t take it anymore, we decided to do our own product video. Without access to our studio and not much to work with, here is what we came up with!

Have a look behind the scenes of how we produced this without access to our studio here!

Kris the cheetah and Remus the puppy are best friends at the Cincinnati Zoo

We recently had the pleasure of doing a shoot for a 3rd party at the Cincinnati Zoo where a cheetah and a puppy have become best friends. We threw together this short from what we shot.


Shows 4 the Shoeless: Food for Everyone

Right before the state went on lockdown for the Covid19 Virus, we stumbled upon an event and felt compelled to capture it as a way of giving back to the community in doing what we are best at.  Have a look at the amazing event.


News Media Videography  

Dayton Business Journal BizMix 09-04-2019

Dayton Business Journal BizMix social event at Carillon Park on September 4. 2019.


Life Enrichment Center 2019 Fundraiser Video: Pathways to Growth.

After a successful fundraising video last year, we where asked to do the 2019 fundraising video for the Life Enrichment Center in Dayton, OH. We had a wonderful experience working with some really wonderful people who are doing a good thing for the community.


Oregon District Wiener Dog Race Highlights

We shot video all day in the Oregon District in Dayton Ohio. Here is some of the highlights!  Special Thanks to 416 Diner as well as Addy and her friends helping with filming.


Online Party Infomercial

We where asked to put together a silly infomercial for an online party on facebook.  This was Sarah’s first solo project from start to finish, including voiceovers, script writing, sound design, and editing.   To top it off, she handled all aspects of the production, aside from some minor audio engineering towards the final cut, using editing software that was brand new to her. Here is what she had to say:

Here is The Online Party Infomercial I have been working on.  It has been a really fun project with a lot of challenges. I learned how much goes into a video production. I spent hours learning a new editing program since I am insistent on cutting the cord with Adobe. The sound recording and over dubs are all new processes to me. Thank you Brian for your endless support and patience! And to Michael and Sammy for their acting talent. I’m now in search of acting talent willing to work for trade in upcoming videos.

Have a look.


Getting Ahead / Core Class Promo

WeDoVids was asked to put together a video to supplement fundraising efforts for the Life Enrichment Center’s Getting Ahead and Core Construction programs.   With a quick turn-around we did the shoot and a rough edit to be used at a breakfast event within a week. Have a look at the results below.

Read More about the project


Recovery Cafe

A local non-profit, Recovery Cafe approached WeDoVids to create a testimonial style video for their Dayton, Ohio chapter.  This project.  Most of the direction of the final product was left to us to produce.   The final video follows a classic 3 act production, where act 1 identifies the problem and who is affected.  Act 2 takes us through how the non-profit is helping, and act 3 shows success stories.  This project ended up taking a turn from being a long-form interview style video, to a condensed, effective and provocative video, showcases real people, telling real stories.

Read more about the project.


Southern Ohio Flying K9s

If you missed the The Southern Ohio Flying K9s this past weekend, your really missed out, have a look! Thanks to all the folks who came together to make this happen.



Sarah Bennett Photography

One of our in-house videos we are working on is for Sarah’s Business Photography services.  Because this is a video for us the production process has been at a very relaxed pace.  Which has allowed us to have some fun and get some laughs.  Part of the production involved a sit down style interview with Sarah.  If you have ever met Sarah, you know your going to get some laughs.  Have a look at the out-take reel for the interview shoot.

Read more about the project.

Business Photography

Professional head shots, product photography or location shots. We can help. Sarah is our expert and an award winning business photographer in Dayton, Ohio. Sarah earned her degree in portrait and commercial photography at The Ohio Institute of Photography in 1995. She started her career in news photography at Springfield News-Sun and Dayton Daily News where she developed her eye for editorial portraiture. Sarah is an active member of The Professional Photographers of America and will guide you through the entire process of getting the look you want for your brand. Here are some samples of our work.  Click a thumbnail to see the full resolution picture.

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