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Behind the Scenes : Crafting Impactful Stories for a Cause

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Step into the captivating world of WeDoVids, a passionate video production company based in Dayton, Ohio, as we take you on a journey behind the lens. Join us as we collaborate with 'For the Love of Animals,' a 501(c)(3) Foundation dedicated to honoring the memory of animal activist Sophie Kerrigan and making a difference for neglected animals. The Cause: In 2012, 'For the Love of Animals' was born to honor Sophie Kerrigan's dream of offering shelter, comfort, and homes to animals in need. The foundation has since orchestrated numerous events to support animal sanctuaries, shelters, and rescues, positively impacting the lives of over 1000 animals. One of their remarkable initiatives, 'Sophie’s Companions for Veterans,' pairs trained rescues with veterans suffering from PTSD and disabilities, creating life-changing connections. WeDoVids: Behind every

Behind the Scenes of a Corporate Training Video Shoot

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Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a corporate training video. In this video, we follow a three-person crew as they prepare for and execute a challenging shoot inside a credit union. Despite last-minute changes to the location, the team improvises and successfully captures the scripted video. With a tight schedule and multiple cast members, the crew relies on meticulous planning and precise timing to ensure a smooth production. The video showcases the humor and camaraderie on set, with laughter filling the air as everyone works together to create an engaging training video. Although one scene featuring the CEO had to be rescheduled, the overall day is deemed a big success. Watch as the crew overcomes obstacles and delivers a fun and productive shoot, providing a glimpse into the world of corporate video production.

A look behind the scenes of our Lockdown Candy Commercial

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Behind the Scenes We made a 30 second product video with hardly anything. Here is how we made it and here is the story: After a few weeks of lockdown we couldn't take it anymore, we decided to do our own product video. Without access to our studio and not much to work with, here is what we came up with! Take a look behind the scenes with us! [embed][/embed]