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Client Spotlight: Silly Infomercial

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We where asked to put together a silly infomercial for an online party on facebook.  This was Sarah's first solo project from start to finish, including voiceovers, script writing, sound design, and editing.   To top it off, she handled all aspects of the production, Aside from some minor audio engineering towards the final cut, using editing software that was brand new to her. Here is what she had to say: Here is The Online Party Infomercial I have been working on. (MUSIC BY It has been a really fun project with a lot of challenges. I learned how much goes into a video production. I spent hours learning a new editing program since I am insistent on cutting the cord with Adobe. The sound recording and over dubs are all

Miami Valley Nonprofit Collaborative

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WeDoVids was asked to record a panel event for The Miami Valley Non Profit Collaborative which was to promote an upcoming workshop. The event consisted of 2 hosts, 4 panel speakers and a question and answers session at the end. In order to capture the event, we ran our audio directly from the sound system, utilized 2 fixed cameras and 2 roaming cameras to capture all aspects of the event. This setup allowed us to not only get multiple camera angles on the stage, but also get great shots of the crowd interacting with the panel during the Q&A session.   [embed][/embed]