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Shoes 4 the Shoeless: Food for Everyone

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Right before the state went on lockdown for the Covid19 Virus, we stumbled upon an event and felt compelled to capture it as a way of giving back to the community in doing what we are best at.  Have a look at the amazing event. [embed][/embed] Visit their website to find out more:

Southern Ohio Flying K9s Highlights

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If you missed the The Southern Ohio Flying K9s this past weekend, your really missed out, have a look! Thanks to all the folks who came together to make this happen. [embed][/embed]

Getting Ahead / Core Class Promo

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WeDoVids was asked to put together a video to supplement fundraising efforts for the Life Enrichment Center's Getting Ahead and Core Construction programs.   With a quick turn-around we did the shoot and a rough edit to be used at a breakfast event within a week. Have a look at the results below. [embed][/embed]