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A look behind the scenes of our Lockdown Candy Commercial

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Behind the Scenes We made a 30 second product video with hardly anything. Here is how we made it and here is the story: After a few weeks of lockdown we couldn't take it anymore, we decided to do our own product video. Without access to our studio and not much to work with, here is what we came up with! Take a look behind the scenes with us! [embed][/embed]  

Becker Engineered Systems

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WeDoVids was asked to do an product marketing video for a new water tower product from Becker Engineered Systems.  Initially the client wanted a timelapse of the installation of the new product which was to take an hour to install. After learning the what the client was hoping to get out of the video we determined that a timelapse would not only be short, but wouldn't effectively get the true value of the product across to viewers, which is a good thing as during the actual shoot, the product only took 20 minutes to install as opposed to an hour.  This left us with an 18 second timelapse video. With the challenge clearly defined, We had the product engineer/designer walk through all of the technical aspects of the installation and